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Heartland Wilderness RV Bedroom Renovation

I love an all white bedroom in an RV, such an update from the drab and dreary cave of a bedroom that was the before! We did so much in this space, but made it look so classic. A faux concrete headboard that adds depth, insane under-bed storage, and just a brighter, better bedroom!


Demo started with taking out the entire upper cabinet and of course, that awful mattress went in the garbage!

Then all the cabinets were sanded and prepped for paint, and all surfaces were cleaned. I sand with 80 grit and 120 grit sandpaper, and I clean everything with a 50/50 vinegar/water mixture. I primed it all with STIX primer and painted the entire space (walls and cabinets) with Sherwin Williams Duration in Alabaster Satin (Wall color linked below.)

Then it was time to build the space back up!

How To: Under-bed Storage

Using two EKET drawer cabinets from IKEA, I was able to make this amazing and super functional under bed storage! Here is how I did it.

Step 1: I took the paneling off the existing bed frame (picture 1) and broke it all down.

Step 2: I used that framing to create a base for the cabinets to sit on (picture 2) with one horizontal piece along the back, and then I added 3 vertical pieces as well. I screwed all of the framing directly to the floor of the RV.

Step 3: I took the drawer boxes and screwed them in the front and in the back, directly to the base to secure them.

Step 4: I closed up the left and right sides behind the drawers. This created a little cubby for larger items that my clients won't need too often. Umbrellas, comforters, extra pillows, anything that's infrequently used but still needs a home

Step 5: I used 4 inch pine to create a little frame at the top of the drawers so that the bed platform is flush. You also could have achieved this by putting the drawers on legs, but I wanted them lower so that when the drawers opened, the hanging comforter didn't get stuck in the top drawers.

Step 6: I closed the platform, which now allows that back compartment to be closed off, but still easily accessed! I also added hydraulic hinges later on to hold the bed up when the back section is being accessed.