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Heartland Wilderness RV Dining Space

Creating this simple dining space was a goal for this RV Renovation. My clients for this RV have grown children who won't be camping with them, so they just wanted a small space to have breakfast or lunch on the road. Fun Fact- our personal RV doesn't even have a dining space! We eat outside every single meal, or we just cuddle up around the couch. This is what's so fun about a custom RV Renovation. Some people need a huge dining area to accommodate 6+ people, and others want to take their entire dinette out and just simplify the space.


I gutted out the entirety of this space; the booth, the cushions, the table, the light fixtures, and the valances. I saved the table legs and the blinds and we were able to reuse them in this new space.

I added a 4 foot high shiplap wall and trimmed out the top with a 2.5" pine board. This was a little tricky around the curved windows, but once I had one cut, I was able to trace the corner curves for the rest of the windows.

The walls were cleaned with a 50/50 vinegar/water mixture. I primed it all with STIX primer and then I painted the walls with Sherwin Williams Duration in Alabaster Satin (Color linked below)

After adding flooring, I was able to finally hang the wallpaper. I waited so long to get this wallpaper up and it totally did not disappoint!

Then I added our new light fixtures and the original blinds.

Making the new table was actually super easy! I got a 24" round pine disk from Lowes and I painted it with the countertop paint kit that I used on the kitchen countertops. You can read more about how I did that on this previous blog post, RV Kitchen Renovation and Countertop Paint Tutorial.

Then I fastened the new table top to an original RV leg that I spray painted white and screwed it directly to the floor. Such an easy and affordable way to upgrade the table! You can do this with any size pine top, and spray paint both table legs if needed for extra table support.

The retro inspired chairs were the cherry on the top of this dining space upgrade!

See the links below for all the sources I used to create this space!

** Some of the links below are affiliate links**

Paint Color:

Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Duration Alabaster in Satin


Flooring: Style is Southport Grove

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