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Heartland Wilderness RV Bathroom

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

It's no secret that the bathroom, while small, is always one of the biggest jobs. With plumbing, working in some storage, navigating a super small space, it really can be tricky to renovate a bathroom. This RV Bathroom turned out to be one of my favorite bathroom renovations to date!!


After painting the entire room white and adding the flooring, I was able to start building this bathroom back up. I started at the sink area. I painted the countertops with a faux marble countertop epoxy kit that is my new favorite product! NO weight change (yes, thats the same countertop!) but looks so much better. You can learn more about how I did this on a prior blog post, RV Kitchen Renovation and Countertop Paint Tutorial.

Then I added the same peel and stick tile that we used in the kitchen for a little half wall backsplash. I love the texture it adds! To learn more about how I installed the peel and stick tiles, read my prior blog post, Faux Backsplash Tutorial.

I got a new white sink, since the other one was more yellow and it looked weird with the now white countertops. Then I added this gold faucet that doesn't need ANY additional plumbing or shark bites to convert to the RV pex lines. It's literally plug and play!

Adding the little storage nook was such a fun addition! I cut into the wall and stole 2" of space between the studs. Then I built a little box to fit in the hole that had shelves, trimmed it out, and now we have to much more storage in this tiny corner!

I added a cracked wallpaper to the back wall behind the toilet and man was that the right decision! It brings such a depth and texture that this tiny room really needed!

The toilet, shower surround, and tub are all original! They are not pure white, but since we chose Alabaster as our paint color, which isn't a pure white either, they didn't look yellow and we were able to tie the original color into the design. The last thing I did was change out the RV Shower head and installed a new RV tub faucet that also ties right into the RV pex lines, so no additional plumbing was required!

And here is the final space! I love this bathroom so much! See the links below for all the materials I used to create this space!

** Some of the links below are affiliate links**

Paint Color:

Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Duration Alabaster in Satin


Flooring: Style is Southport Grove

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