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Seasonal Campsite Refresh

This year we are trying something new and we got a seasonal campsite!! We love traveling and every summer travel to about 3 different states to go camping. While we have LOVED doing that the last 3 years, we wanted to try something new this year and stick to one place that we could call our real "home away from home."

This campsite was super basic, and with just a few easy things, we were able to make this a really functional and cozy campsite that we can enjoy all summer long!

Before After

We started with paving the area right outside out doorways. This just gave the space some definition and created a level space for us to walk out to. Now we can sit at the table or sectional without having to put shoes on too!

We used concrete pavers, leveled the ground below, placed the pavers, and then filled them with the pea gravel that we shoveled up when we leveled the area. We were lucky that this whole spot was already filled with pea gravel, so we didn't have to buy any. These pavers were also really affordable and this turned out SO much better than I thought it would!

We were going to buy another outdoor table and chairs, but we decided to just bring up the table and chairs set from our backyard. We will actually be getting our backyard renovated this month and needed somewhere to store our current table and chairs anyway. I think we will actually just keep this one up here, and get a new one for home. We got this set from IKEA years ago and they don't make it anymore. But I will link a similar one below!

Now onto the BEST PART of this space! We added an outdoor rug, our Solo Stove and Fire Pit Surround, and this amazing sectional. I searched high and low for a sectional that was affordable but actually pretty! This was the one I landed on and it's actually GREAT. It's a good size and very comfortable. We threw a few more pillows on it (which I would recommend) and it's so cozy!

Now out home away from home really feels like an actual home, and we essentially just added so much more living space! A whole new dining room and living room!

Now on to camping all summer and making some amazing memories!

Below are the links to all the products I used to create this space.

Out Door Rug (Living Space)

Dining Table (not the same but similar)

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