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Keystone Fuzion Toyhauler Garage to Office/Laundry Room Conversion and Renovation

This Toyhauler Renovation has been an amazing opportunity for me to get creative and really think outside the box on what we could turn this space into to really work for our family. We have had such fun with this Garage renovation, and in my opinion, it's completely unrecognizable!!


This room looks like it underwent a HUGE transformation, but guess what?!....


The floor was left the same. The door wasn't painted. The blinds are original. Just a few smart design and decor decision and we were able to make this HUGE impact. Here is what we did.

We started, as always, with demolition. Demo here was super easy. We removed the diamond plating, and valances. This RV had dinette couches when we first got it. We removed those a few weeks ago. Then we removed the things what would be going back in, but needed to come out for paint. The two doors on the cabinet, the blinds, and the TV. And that was it for demo!

Jake sanded the one cabinet that we were painting with a mouse sander with 80 grit sand paper. If you are new to sanding, start with 120 grit. These RV cabinet boxes are laminate, so you can damage them easily if you sand too much. The doors are almost always real wood! Then we cleaned the entire room with a shop vac, wiped everything down with a vinegar and water mixture, vacuumed, and cleaned again!

We decided to roll the paint for this room. The main reason being that the amount of taping that needed to happen was insane (with the happijac lift, the bed, and the ramp door.) And being that the ramp door isn't really a wall, we only needed to paint 3 walls and the ceiling so rolling just made so much more sense!

We taped everything off with Frog tape. Brushed in the corners with a brush and rolled the walls with a regular wall roller. For the cabinets, we used a foam roller.

We primed the entire room (ceiling, walls, and cabinetry included) with STIX primer. Then Jake painted two coats of the wall color, which was Steam by Benjamin Moore in Scuff X Satin finish. And then two coats of the cabinet color which was Ballet White by Benjamin Moore in Scuff X Satin.

Such a difference!!

Then it was time to clean the floor. Jake used 409 solution mixed with water and used a heavy duty garage broom to scrub the floor. Then we rinsed it well. We decided to keep the garage floors as is incase we ever wanted to use this garage to haul toys, like an ATV or golf cart. The tie downs (those black circles) on the floor are also really helpful to secure bins and things during travel.

Then we wallpapered the wall with the door to create a little accent. Our washer and dryer will eventually go on this wall.

Finally, it was time for furniture!! We got this amazing day bed from Walmart. It's going to easily be moved onto the patio to soak in the sun and relax in the morning with a cup of coffee. This couch converts to a narrow twin size bed for guests or just lounging with the family outside!

Next, it was time to do something special for my husband, Jake. He is a civl engineer and works from the road a lot which allows us to travel as much as we do. He usually sets up "office camp" at the picnic table, but one of the things that really attracted us to Toyhaulers was the fact that we could make this room his office as well.

We got a file cabinet from IKEA, put new legs on it, spray painted the pulls gold, got 2 other table legs, and topped it with an IKEA countertop. Now Jake has a 60" desk for working on the road!

We had a little extra countertop left over, so we got one more file cabinet and created a little laundry area! The hamper fits perfectly hidden under the countertop and when we get our washer and dryer, which goes to the left of the cabinet, this will be the best to fold laundry and the hooks up there will be super helpful too!

And with that, this renovation/conversion was completed!! And I say this every time, but it really might be my favorite yet!!

Oh and, the bed comes down from the ceiling!! I will show that in the next blog post :)

See below to the links to EVERYTHING I used in this bedroom renovation!

** Some of the links below are affiliate links**

Paint Color:

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore's Steam in Scuff X Satin

Cabinet Color: Benjamin Moore's Ballet White in Scuff X Satin


Pillows (Pictured pillows are from Home Sense, here is another option!)

Rug USE CODE RVRENO for 60% off your purchase!


Chair (Pictured chair is from Home Sense, here is another option!)

Laundry Area

Macrame Hanger (Pictured hanger is from Home Sense, here is another option!)

(Same filing cabinet and countertop as the desk)

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