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Keystone Fuzion Loft Renovation

This loft renovation was a quick little glow up with left over materials from this RV renovation and some items from Target! This loft is now a cozy little space for my kids to hang out, for me to read a book, or for a guest or friend to stay the night with us when we go camping!


This space was painted a few months ago when we painted the rest of the rig, so this whole project was really just decor and floor. I put down some left over planks that we ran throughout the rest of the rig. Then I put down a washable rug from Boutique Rugs. These are my favorite rugs and spot clean super easily as well!

Then I installed two Ikea Trones cabinets. These are plastic shoe cabinets that are super lightweight and wipe down easily. They are perfect for small spaces and will allow for some small storage up here!

Then I custom made a headboard using scrap wood! You can check out the full tutorial here. We put in an RV Mattress and chose the Dreamfoam Essential in 30x75. It's a perfect for for this narrow room. (Check links before for 20% off your order!)

We ended up putting a tiny mini "fridge" cooler up here and it's perfect for small water bottles and sodas for when you don't want to climb down the loft! (Totally extra, I know! But so fun!)

Some wall art, pillows and decor from Target, including that arched wall shelf that I am obsessed with, and there you have it! An easy yet cozy and modern RV loft!

Below are the links to every item used in this renovation!

** Some of the links below are affiliate links**

Paint Color:

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore's Steam in Scuff X Satin


Boutique Rugs Runner: Use code RVRENO for 60% off your order!

RV Mattress: Use code RVFAMILYRENO for 20% off your order!

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