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Vibe Living Area Renovation

One of the biggest and most important factors you need to consider in an RV Renovation is weight. Items can't be too heavy (keep your GVWR- gross vehicle weight rating- in mind) and the weight of items also needs to be distributed will within your RV.

When I found this couch that was...

  1. Less weight that the original couch.

  2. Way more comfortable than the original couch.

  3. A lot prettier than the original couch.

  4. Fit my measurements perfectly.

I knew I had to have it! This couch was less than $500 and is practically perfect in every way.

The Boutique Rugs runner was the perfect colorful accent to this space. I decided to leave the cabinets above the couch for extra storage, and at the last minute when I was putting the glass back in, I accidentally broke one. It was a blessing in disguise because I ended up upholstering a wood panel and putting it in place of the glass and I love it so much more!

All links for the items sources to create this space are linked below!



Paint Color:

Wall Color and Cabinet Color: Benjamin Moore's White Dove in Scuff X Satin


Beddy's Tan Your Hide Pillow Bundle: Use code RVFAMILYRENO for 20% off your purchase!

Boutique Rugs Runner in Ricardo: Use code RVRENO60 for 60% off your purchase!

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