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Layton RV Living and Dining Renovation

Changing out your RV couch and dinette is a simple, affordable, and smart way to make a huge impact in your RV. Using residential items to modernize your RV is much easier than you think!


Demo in this slide was pretty extensive, I completely gutted it. Slide trim, couch, dinette, lighting, carpet, table, it all went. After I removed the carpet, we found a spot of water damage in the slide floor that required me to cut the rotten floor out and replace it with a patch. If you are looking on more information on how to repair your slide floor, check out my Full RV Renovation Course or my Flooring Bundle on my website for video tutorials on how to repair your water damaged floor!

(Initial Damage, Patch, Finished Corner)

I used $14 (now $19) wainscoting panels from Lowes to create this beautiful wall treatment in this slide that added such depth and contrast with the dark couch.

Paint and flooring, as always, made a huge change and brought this slide to life. Painting the upper cabinet the same color as the wall color was a great way for me to make the upper cabinets nearly disappear, making this slide feel so much taller and brighter!

In the dining area, I got a table from IKEA but it was a little too long for the slide, so I cut it to size and screwed it directly to the back wall of the slide with 4 L brackets. This attached it to the wall, but also will keep the table in place during transit. The couch is also screwed to the floor with 2 L brackets that are attached to the back legs.

I added new window treatments, which are these roller shades from Target. I love how they are light filtering but not see through. For the lighting, I chose a wall sconce that had a switch, since the old sconce did not have a wall switch. For the dining light, I fell in love with this light, but it didn't have a switch. So I installed my own switch (that black spot on the ceiling) so that I could turn the light on and off, but didn't have to sacrifice not using the beautiful light fixture that I loved!

This is a modern, clean, sleek RV dining and living area that is both functional and beautiful!

Below are the links to every item used in this renovation!

** Some of the links below are affiliate links**

Paint Color:

Wainscoting and Ceiling Color: Benjamin Moore's Simply White in Scuff X Eggshell

Cabinet and Upper Wall Color: Benjamin Moore's Bella Blue in Scuff X Eggshell


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