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Layton RV Guest Room Renovation

One of the best parts about a custom RV Renovation is that you can do something totally unique to YOUR lifestyle and needs. My clients for this rig have grown children, so they had no real use for the bunk beds in this RV.

They did however have a need to host their adult children every once in a while, so turning this bunk room into an adult guest room was the way to go!

Before we received this rig from my clients, they had already taken the top bunk out themselves, which left some damage on the walls that needed to be covered up. That was the start of the design for this space, and I am so happy with how it came out!


Another unique thing I was able to do in this guest room, was to take out the wardrobe cabinet! It really made the room feel smaller, and my clients felt like it was a useless and small cabinet, so we took it out! There was also a small storage compartment at the head of the bed, which my clients also didn't want, so I took that out as well.

Then I hung the shiplap panels, which are actually 4x8' sheets from Home Depot and make hanging shiplap so much easier! I trimmed the top of the shiplap out in 4" pine.

Paint and flooring, as always, made a huge difference and brought this room to life. I painted the shiplap and the lower part of the cabinet that I left (because it was a useful drawer and a little storage spot for the plumbing of the outdoor shower) Benjamin Moore's Grey Cloud. The upper part of the wall I painted Simply White, and I love how subtle the grey is against the white, while still providing a great contrast.

I added a stained pine top to the base cabinet and created a small little end table next to the bed for guests items, and I pushed the bed all the way to the right, creating a 16" gap at the bottom of the bed which is now a great place for guests luggage or some baskets to hold their things.

I added new window treatments, which are bamboo shades from Home Depot and are the PERFECT color! I will say the only downside of these blinds is that are just light filtering, not totally privacy, so you can see through them slightly. I have put fabric on the back of them before, and I have also added a small roller shade behind them as well to help with privacy.

Now my clients have a private, adult guest bedroom that I think their friends and family will be fighting over! Below are the links to every item used in this renovation.

** Some of the links below are affiliate links**

Paint Color:

Shiplap Color: Benjamin Moore's Grey Cloud in Advance Satin

Upper Wall Color: Benjamin Moore's Simply White in Scuff X Eggshell


Lumbar Pillow (No longer available, linked a similar one)

Blanket (No longer available, linked a similar one)

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