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Layton RV Bathroom Renovation

This RV Bathroom was such an affordable transformation, but made a HUGE impact! The shower surround and tub are painted, the backsplash was made from left over plywood, and the board and batten wall was made with a few pieces of plywood! These ideas are a great way to upgrade your RV bathroom while keeping budget and weight in mind!


The before and after of this space is just mind blowing! I started by taking out the sink, countertop, medicine cabinet, and toilet. I made use of the existing cabinet, kept the tub, and the shower surround.

Then I added the board and batten wall treatment, which was just a few pieces of plywood cut to 2.5" strips, caulked the seams, and wood filled the nail holes. Then it was time for paint. I taped off the tub, primed the entire room with STIX primer, and then painted the walls and ceiling with Benjamin Moore Scuff X Eggshell in Simply White. The cabinet and board and batten were painted with Benjamin Moore Advance Satin in Grey Cloud.

Then it was time to install the flooring. I used the color Toffee Elm by Shaw Matrix, and then trimmed it out in quarter round to finish the flooring off.

I then painted the shower surround with an Epoxy countertop kit (left over from the kitchen countertop transformation) and painted the tub with Topside Marine Paint.

Lastly, I created the wood tile backsplash by cutting up pieces of 1/4" maple into tiles, nailing them to the wall in a herringbone pattern, filling the nail holes with wood filler and sanded smooth, sealed the tiles with two coats of polycrylic, and then grouted the seams to create a durable and water resistant backsplash.

Then I installed the new toilet, added the decor, and now this bathroom is SO much more modern and clean.

I absolutely love how this bathroom turned out!!

Below are the links to every item used in this renovation!

** Some of the links below are affiliate links**

Paint Color:

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore's Simply White in Scuff X Eggshell

Cabinet Color: Benjamin Moore's Gray Cloud in Advance Satin


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