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Komfort Trailblazer Dining Renovation

This tiny dining area packs such a huge punch! I am loving how much we fit into this small corner of the RV. My clients are a couple who don't need much room, but wanted to make sure to have space for all their camping gear in this tiny trailer.



I removed a lot in the space, starting with the table and booth on the right. We left the booth on the left intact for storage but also because the heater takes up some space under there. I modernized the upper cabinets but removing the dated TV cabinet on the right and taking the door off the upper cabinet, along with some of the frame, so that they cabinet looked more like open shelving.

I sanded the cabinets, inside as well, with 80 grit sand paper and then cleaned EVERYTHING (walls, ceiling, cabinets) with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water.

Then I primed the entire room (ceiling included) with STIX primer and painted the entire room with Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace in Scuff X Satin finish. This is the perfect and most durable paint and works great for cabinets.

Next up was flooring. I have been using Shaw Matrix line in the last few renovations and I love this flooring so much. It's only 3.2mm thick (meaning it works great with slides and is lighter in weight than a thicker flooring) and is very easy to install. This flooring is in their style Toffee Elm.

After painting, it was time to rebuild the area. We had to build out an entire new box to hide the heating ducts (thats the little box along the back wall) and the wheel well. I built this custom table out of glue edged pine.

I added the rattan pendant light and installed a switch so you can turn the light off at the light. I have an Electrical Bundle on my website with details on how to install residential lights in your RV, if you are looking for guidance on how to do that!

I added a Studio McGee Chair in the space where we took out the second bench. This made the space around the refrigerator SO much easier to access! I also got them a plant stand to double as a holder for their Berkey water filter.

I added a new flat screen TV on a swivel arm mount so the tv is viewable from the bed as well as the couch, added new baskets and a blackout shade, and this space was done!

See below to the links to EVERYTHING I used in this dining room renovation!

** Some of the links below are affiliate links**

Paint Color:

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace in Scuff X Satin

Stain Color: Minwax's Special Walnut


Blackout Shade (out of stock for now, may be discontinued)

**Plant holder and striped pillow are from TJ Maxx and I don't have a link, sorry!

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