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Komfort Trailblazer Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom renovations are always the hardest! This bathroom was completely gutted. We removed everything in here and tried to add as much storage as possible. It turned out better than I could have ever imagined!


The toilet, the closet, the sink base and medicine cabinet, the shower surround, and all faucets came out of this space. We truly pulled it back to it's bare bones! There was lots of damage on the back wall from removing the medicine cabinet and sink base (in this RV all the cabinets were screwed in from the OUTSIDE!) so putting up this faux brick paneling was a great solution to hide the damaged wall, but also add a design element. I shiplapped the small section behind the toilet.

Then I primed the entire room (ceiling included) with STIX primer and painted the entire room with Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace in Scuff X Satin finish. This is the perfect and most durable paint and works great in the bathroom where there is a little extra moisture.

Next up was flooring. I have been using Shaw Matrix line in the last few renovations and I love this flooring so much. It's only 3.2mm thick (meaning it works great with slides and is lighter in weight than a thicker flooring) and is very easy to install. This flooring is in their style Toffee Elm.

My clients weren't fans of the closet in the bathroom, so I took it all out, but kept the hanging bar at the top for clothes. Then I added 4 small drawers that will house and organize bathroom items so much easier, and put a piece of pine on top of the drawers to create a table top where items can easily be accessed while camping!

In the shower area, we kept the tub but installed a new shower surround using PVC tile.These tiles (linked below) are completely waterproof when installed correctly and add such a custom look to your RV! We added my favorite rain shower head faucet and with that giant skylight, this doesn't even look like an RV shower anymore! The old shower used to have a plastic accordion door, but my client actually preferred a shower curtain, which I love because I feel like it really opened up the space and brought in the light from the skylight so much better.

See below to the links to EVERYTHING I used in this bathroom renovation!

** Some of the links below are affiliate links**

Paint Color:

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace in Scuff X Satin


New Puck Lights (under cabinet lighting)

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