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Keystone Cougar RV Living Area Renovation

Although most times when camping you spend majority of your time outdoors, it is nice to have a place where you WANT to relax. That was our goal for this living space, to make it a coastal retreat where this family could kick their feet up after a long day at the beach.


I started with removing everything, and for this living space, I really mean everything! We sold the recliners and the fireplace on Facebook Marketplace. The cabinets above the TV and the cabinet and drawers enclosing the fireplace got removed as well. That "coat rack" on the back wall was really not useful for this family as all, and was in an awkward spot for coats anyway. (Don't worry, we made a much better solution for this which I will share soon!)

We took the valances and blinds down, as well as the dated wood ceiling design on the ceiling of the slide. (Which weighed 10 pounds and dated the RV years!)

I painted the walls with STIX primer, followed by Benjamin Moore's Steam in Scuff X Satin finish. (Linked Below) This paint is super durable but leaves a nice clean coat that is very easy to wash down and cures hard. The new pine slide trim was painted in Benjamin Moore's Baby Fawn in Scuff X Satin finish (linked below) and was a great contrast to the white walls!


Then it was time for flooring, which really makes the room come together! I used Shaw Matrix Toffee Elm LVP and it may just be my most favorite flooring ever!! (Linked Below)

Then it was time to put the room back together. I hung the blinds, added the perfect rug and couch, hung a beautiful piece of artwork on the shiplap wall, hung the bunk room door which I painted Benjamin Moore's Brittany Blue in Scuff X in Satin, installed the TV and our new tv stand, some decor, and that was a wrap!

See below for links to EVERYTHING I used to create this beautiful RV Living Area.


** Some of the links below are affiliate links**

Paint Color:

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore's Steam in Scuff X Satin

Door Color: Benjamin Moore's Brittany Blue in Scuff X Satin


Plant is from Homegoods- Sorry no links!

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