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Heartland Gateway Half Bath Renovation

This half bath renovation was a fun and easy upgrade for the kid's bathroom! I wanted to make this funky and fun but also go with the clean, farmhouse esthetic of the rest of the trailer.


I took out the medicine cabinet and the shelf above the toilet. I sanded the cabinet, inside as well, with 80 grit sand paper and then cleaned EVERYTHING (walls, ceiling, cabinet) with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. Then I primed the entire room (ceiling included) with STIX primer. This is my FAVORITE primer and sticks so well, as per it's name!! No chipping at all with this primer!

Then I painted the entire room and cabinet with Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace in Scuff X Satin finish. This is the perfect and most durable paint and works great for cabinets.

Next up was flooring. I have been using Shaw Matrix line in the last few renovation and I love this flooring so much. It's only 3.2mm thick (meaning it works great with slides and is lighter in weight than a thicker flooring) and is very easy to install. This flooring is in their style Dockside Hickory.

Then it was time for the backsplash. I found this peel and stick tile and it was the perfect way to add in some fun! I added a mirror and a faux light using the magic light trick. (Items linked below) Then re installed the toilet and a new gold faucet, a new shelf, and this space was done!

This renovation was pretty simple because we kept the original countertop and sink. It's amazing what a difference just a few upgrades can make!

See below to the links to EVERYTHING I used in this half bathroom renovation!

** Some of the links below are affiliate links**

Paint Color:

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace in Scuff X Satin


Magic Light Trick

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