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Heartland Gateway Bedroom Renovation

This RV Bedroom is a great example that a few residential upgrades can really enhance the look of your RV! Aside from painting and flooring, this room renovation only took me one day! Here is what I did...


I sanded all the cabinets, inside as well, with 80 grit sand paper and then cleaned EVERYTHING (walls, ceiling, cabinets) with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water.

Then I primed the entire room (ceiling included) with STIX primer. This is my FAVORITE primer and sticks so well, as per it's name!! No chipping at all with this primer!

Then I painted the entire room and cabinets with Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace in Scuff X Satin finish. This is the perfect and most durable paint and works great for cabinets.

Next up was flooring. I have been using Shaw Matrix line in the last few renovations and I love this flooring so much. It's only 3.2mm thick (meaning it works great with slides and is lighter in weight than a thicker flooring) and is very easy to install. This flooring is in their style Dockside Hickory.

My clients really wanted a washer and dryer, so we installed this RV washer and vented dryer. This will be a total game changer on their camping adventures! (Linked below)

We also swapped out the chunky dresser for this slim option from IKEA. This elevated the style of this room but also allows for a little bit of easy organization. The bed also lifts for giant storage space below, and the closet is huge with tons of hanging and shelf space!

In the bed slide, we put their king size mattress back (yes this RV fits a king size mattress!!) and swapped out the old valances for new bamboo roller shades and a new blue upholstered headboard instead of the dark pleather one that was there before. New slide trim in this slide also elevated this area!


See below to the links to EVERYTHING I used in this bedroom renovation!

** Some of the links below are affiliate links**

Paint Color:

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace in Scuff X Satin

Stain Color: Minwax's Special Walnut


Hardware Knobs (Added to the IKEA cabinet)

Headboard (In Navy Queen)

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1 Comment

Christy Bond
Christy Bond
Mar 01, 2023

Do you need to add anything to the underside of the bed frame so it slides smoothly over the new flooring? I see previously they had carpet, our bedroom did too. We've removed the carpet but when we place the new flooring how easily will the bed slide over when opening and/or closing the slide.

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