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Dutchman Voltage RV Toyhauler Bunk Room Conversion

The multifunctional use of toyhauler garages may be my most favorite aspect of RV life! It can be an office, an extra living room, a garage for go carts and ATVS, an additional bedroom, or in this case- a double queen bunk bedroom for two teen boys!


After demo, sanding, and paint, I was able to start putting this room back together! (Paint Colors linked below)

For the beds, we utilized the top bunk that was already there. For the bottom bunk, we removed the couches by unscrewing the lag screws that held them to the platform. Then I made a new platform to create that bottom bunk. Here is what I did:

Step 1: (Picture 1)

I measured for the new platform size. This bottom bunk is a few inches shorter, but the same width as the top bunk. This was done to accommodate the large brackets for this bottom bunk.

Step 2: (Picture 2)

I created a frame with 2x4's and screwed them all together from the side with 3" screws and wood glue.

Step 3: (Picture 3)

I cut some shorter pieces to use as bracing and to also have somewhere else to screw the plywood to that will go on top and bottom of the platform.

Step 4: (Picture 1)

Then I covered the bottom with 1/4" plywood that I glued and brad nailed into place.

Step 5: (Picture 2)

I placed the platform onto the brackets to make sure everything fit. Then I took the platform outside and painted the bottom white.

Step 6: (Picture 3)

Lastly, I added 1/2" plywood to the top of the platform and screwed it into my 2x4's. Then i screwed the lag screws back in from the brackets and into the bed frame. Then I could lay my mattress down!