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Dutchman Voltage RV Bathroom

This bathroom presented some pretty unique problems, one of them being that this wall where the cabinets are is completely curved! This meant that I had to make the existing cabinets and countertop work because manufacturing something that fit this curve exactly was not going to be worth the time and money!


We removed the glass vessel sink, the vessel faucet, the hardware, and the mirror in the middle. Then I sanded and painted the cabinets, added new floor, and I even painted right over the mirror panels on those two upper cabinets!

I use STIX primer and it works amazing on plastic, metal, glass, and mirrors! This really transformed this bathroom and made it look less dated with all the mirrors.

The curved back wall also dictated which backsplash I could use! I couldn't use real tile or vinyl peel and stick tile because they wouldn't bend with the curve of the wall. So I had no choice but to go with a peel and stick tile. I used Musselbound tile adhesive first to create a really sticky surface for my peel and stick tiles to stick to. I also used Smart Tiles (linked below) which are guaranteed not to peel, yellow, or shrink! To learn more about how I installed the peel and stick tiles, read my prior blog post, Faux Backsplash Tutorial.

I had to find a vessel sink that wasn't too deep, because this countertop is only 13" deep in the middle! I love the chrome faucet with the black hardware and the red cabinetry.

Painting the cabinet door above the toilet white helped to make it disappear a bit, instead of standing out like a sore thumb, and allowed the maroon cabinets to really shine!

Check out the links below if you want to transform your bathroom like this too!

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Paint Color:

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Scuff X Eggshell in color Simply White

Cabinet Color: Benjamin Moore Scuff X Eggshell in color Ruby Dusk


Vessel Sink (The sink I used is now unavailable, this is a similar one the same size)

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