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Currently Booked Until March 2022. Please e-mail us to learn more about pricing and scheduling!

You and I work together to create a design you love and then you drop your RV off and let Jake and I work our magic! Options to choose from for a renovation are:

  • Gutting areas of the RV that are unwanted (possibly upper cabinets, booth seating, couches, etc.)

  • Painting Cabinets

  • Painting Walls

  • Installing Flooring

  • Adding Accent Wall (typically wallpaper, sponge painting, or wood pattern)

  • Updating window dressings

  • Changing out all sinks and faucets

  • Changing out hardware

  • Adding decor items such as accent rugs.

  • Adding unique accents specific to your trailer, such as adding benches and accent walls.

Services include:

  • 3-5 design boards

  • Up to 3 edits on your design boards to ensure you get the makeover you want!

  • Full service renovation. We will do everything that we agree on. (All you have to do is drop the trailer off to us.)

  • Access to us through e-mail for the length of the project.

  • FaceTime or voice calls to update you on renovation status. 

  • We DO NOT do any RV repairs or motor repairs. We strictly improve the design and interior function of your RV. 

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We've learned so much through the RV renovation process, and we know that you probably have a lot of little questions! We offer 30 minute FaceTime consultations where you can show us some of your concerns, and we can chat about the best way to lay out your RV, how to paint your cabinets, how to install countertops, anything!



CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Click here to purchase the book, which includes 32 design boards!

With our Virtual Design Assistant service, you can take the FaceTime call one step further.  Receive all the help you need to complete your DIY project on your own, from simple small projects to full do-it-yourself renovations. Services include:

  • 1-5 Design Boards 

  • Links to all the items we used in your design boards to make shopping and purchasing a breeze. 

  • Up to 3 edits on design boards to ensure that you get the exact design you want!

  • Access to our step-by-step tutorials that outline exactly how to do common renovation projects such as painting your cabinets, painting your walls, wallpapering, installing countertops, and more. 

  • Access to us through e-mail where you can ask as many questions as you need for up to 2 months.