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Demolition and Repair RV Renovation Digital Course Bundle

Demolition and Repair RV Renovation Digital Course Bundle

So you want to demo your RV, but you have no idea where to start? Demolitioning your RV can be very daunting, but if you know what you're doing it's not so bad!


Rachel from RV Family Renovators has made teaching and empowering RV owners a priority and has worked to ensure that she provides RV Renovation information that is both helpful and inspiring. 

As a furniture flipper for the last decade and current RV Renovator, Rachel has worked on many rigs and learned the proper demolitioning tactics to ensure minimal damage to your RV and allow for the beginning steps of a renovation to take place!


This RV Renovation Digital Demolition Bundle is a step-by-step deep dive into properly walkingthrough your RV and getting to know where eveything is, so you don't do damage that you regret, properly demolitioning your RV and where to look for the screws, proper removal of items so that you can reuse them if you choose, (ex:dinette) and then how to properly REPAIR the damage that is seen from removing items so that you can get ready for paint.  WATER DAMAGE REPAIR LESSON IS INCLUDED IN THIS BUNDLE!!


Through the use of video tutorials, up close shots, timelapse videos, and accompanying materials such as shopping lists and tool recomendations, Rachel will provide you with all the information you need to successfully demo your RV to create the home away from home or the home on wheels you have been dreaming of!

So what are you waiting for?! Come join the RV Family Reno FAMILY!



Upon purchase of this course, you will immediately be emailed a downloadable link to a PDF. When you receive the link, please download that PDF (the link expires in 30 days so make sure you download it to your computer so you own it forever!) which contains welcoming information, a checklist, and a Google Link where all the content for this bundle is located. 


*This bundle is non-refundable. Once you have access to the link, you always have access to the content. Refunds will not be granted if you change your mind about purchase. If you have any questions about this bundle, please contact Rachel at

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