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Keystone Fuzion Toyhauler Master Bedroom to Bunk Room Conversion and Renovation

Of all the transformations I have done, this one is for sure the biggest layout change and most shocking before and after! We bought this Keystone Fuzion Toyhauler with big dreams to renovate it into our forever (okay not forever, maybe 5 year haha) RV. The toyhauler had a main bedroom at the front of the rig (pictured below on the left) and then a garage space in the back of the rig that has a happijack bed lift with a bed that lifts and lowers from the ceiling.

We didn't feel comfortable putting our kids in the garage, mainly because there is an exit door in that room, so we decided to convert the main bedroom into the bunk room and convert the garage into our room!


I've never renovated JUST one room at a time, so this honestly went so much quicker than usual. Here is what I did.

I started with demolition and veery quickly we realized that the entire slide floor was rotted through from extensive water damage and needed to be replaced. I have a highlight on my Instagram that explains in detail how we repaired the water damage.


Once that was repaired, I built a wall to close off the second entry to the bathroom. We really didn't need this second entry, and closing it off allowed us to build the bottom bunk bed all the way to the left of the slide, so that we got more floor space! I closed this wall off by framing out the door way and then covering it up with a sheet of shiplap paneling that I got from Home Depot.


Then it was time to paint! I sanded all the cabinetry first using my mouse sander with 80 grit sand paper. If you are new to sanding, start with 120 grit. These RV cabinet boxes are laminate, so you can damage them easily if you sand too much. The doors are almost always real wood! Then I cleaned the entire room with a shop vac, wiped everything down with a vinegar and water mixture, vacuumed, and cleaned again!

Then I pulled down all the lights and outlet covers, and taped everything off. Windows, outlets, everything!

Then I primed the entire room (ceiling and cabinetry included) with STIX primer using my Graco True Coat 360 spray gun. I then painted the final color on, and I started with the build in. This accent color was going to take up a smaller area than the white, so I did that first which made it easier for me to just tape it off when it came time to paint the white. I used the color Normandy by Benjamin Moore in Scuff X Satin finish.

Finally it was time to paint! I painted the entire room and ceiling with Benjamin Moore's Steam in Scuff X Satin finish. This is the perfect and most durable paint and works great in all areas, especially the kids room that needs a little more clean up!