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Keystone Cougar RV Bunk Room Renovation

The bunk room. My most favorite room to renovate. Mostly because I LOVE color, and the bunk room is a great place to incorporate colors. But I really just love designing kids spaces. I love thinking up how a child will play in the space or what nooks and crannies will be his or her favorite and it helps me make the space more functional!

I painted the walls with STIX primer, followed by Benjamin Moore's Steam in Scuff X Satin finish. (Linked Below) This paint is super durable but leaves a nice clean coat that is very easy to wash down and cures hard. The slide trim was painted in Benjamin Moore's Baby Fawn in Scuff X Satin finish (linked below) and was a great contrast to the white walls!

Then it was time for flooring, which really makes the room come together! I used Shaw Matrix Toffee Elm LVP and it may just be my most favorite flooring ever!! (Linked Below)

I created a faux board and batten wall in the slide by nailing strips of 2 inch wide 5mm utility board 18 inches apart on the lower half of the wall. Then I added a pine header with wooden hooks and painted it all white. I wallpaper the top half of the wall and now the kids have some vertical storage. We also added new wooden blinds and this beautiful tables and chairs for the kids to play at.